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Jewelry Care

A thin plating of either gold, pink gold or silver is applied, adding an extra shine to each piece.

Jewelry, as with anything plated, requires extra care in order to delay signs of wear.

Use of hand and body creams, lotions, suntan oils, chlorine found in swimming pools, bleach or even simple dishwashing liquid can possibly alter the look of any plating used. It is best advised that you remove your brass jewelry when using any of the above.

Silver jewelry, show a natural sign of wear by tarnishing and turning black. Luckily this is a process which can be reversed, bringing your favorite jewelry back to their original state. All you need is a soft, lint-free cloth and a specific cream you can easily purchase commercially.

Whether you choose to wear your jewelry at all times or for special occasions, you must take care of them always. Store them in a jewelry box, in a velvet jewelry case or in the fabric pouch with which you purchased them.

Protect them as best you can and expand their lifetime..!

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